May 212014


Today is the birthday (1471) of Albrecht Dürer, a master engraver, painter, and mathematician. He holds a special place in my memory because my father loved his work. We had a copy of one of his self portraits in our living room. I don’t think anyone in the house ever mentioned it, but I believe Dürer suffered from Dupuytren’s contracture. My father suffered too. Over time his fingers on both hands curled into a ball. This is known by doctors as a “benign” condition because there is no pain associated with it. I am not sure why modern medicine considers a crippling condition “benign.”   I have it too. I have not succumbed to it because I do what I am told – something my father could never do. I sit on my hands daily and stretch the muscles.

Dürer was a man to be admired. Here is an engraving in silverpoint he did of himself when he was 13.


He taught the world about perspective. He taught the world about attention to detail. There is only one rule in life – PAY ATTENTION. Notice the details. Here is a hare that is famous. Look at the details. I think it might be scurrilous of me to give you a recipe for hare. But here in Argentina we do eat them.


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