May 102022

This blog’s birthday has rolled around yet again, and I am still being quite minimal in my postings these days ever since I stopped daily posting 3 years ago.  Even so, the readership remains steady at about 9,000 per month (give or take).  Not great; not disastrous.  This content is never going to go viral – largely because the site is not monetized, therefore there are no incentives built into the algorithms of search engines to locate this site above those which are monetized.  Depressing, but a fact of life.

My top 10 has shifted a bit over the past few years.  Arthur Rackham has dropped from 1st place to 3rd and Cleopatra is now in 6th place.  Meanwhile Black Tuesday (the crash of Wall St before the Great Depression) has captured the top spot for reasons that are a mystery to me.  Glad, also, to see Confucius and Coca-Cola holding on mid-rank.  Having the Little Prince and the typewriter paired is also an amusing coincidence.

Black Tuesday
Thomas Rolfe (Son of Pocahontas)
Arthur Rackham
Cleopatra and the Asp
Nauru Independence Day
The Little Prince
Birth of the Typewriter

I post twice weekly on my YouTube channel, which lags in viewership, also because it is not monetized.  Offering things for free is always a challenge.  In a capitalist world, too often a thing’s worth is measured by the price you have to pay for it.  Pathetic.

Here’s my post on YouTube for today – an old fav of mine: corned beef hash.



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