Mar 302019

Yes, indeed, 68 today. Past birthday posts can be found on these pages:

I always treat my birthday as my own personal New Year’s Day when I reflect on the previous year and the year to come.  Last year I traveled more than expected because I put a new plan into effect. I got tired of making long hauls with endless layovers, so I decided to break long trips into stages – NO LAYOVERS. I had to get to Mantua in northern Italy to retrieve my belongings that I left there when I moved to Myanmar. Short hops in May took me to Bangkok for a few days, Kathmandu for a week, and Istanbul for a week. Then a short stay in Rome before heading north. In September I was booked to see the World Nomad Games in Cholpon Ata in Kyrgyzstan, so, going and coming, I traveled to Thailand, Kazakhstan, China, and Tibet. For Christmas, a friend wanted company on her visit to Vietnam and then added Laos for good measure. So that closed out 2018.  This coming year is still an open book. I traveled with a purpose last year; this year there is nothing pressing. It will come to me, no doubt.

More pertinent to this blog is my (tentative) decision to stop posting when its 6th birthday comes around (May 10th). Barring difficulties, such as illness or travel, I have posted every day – including Saturdays and Sundays – for 6 years and it is getting a bit stale for me. Time for newer pastures I think. I have a YouTube channel set up, and I may migrate there – not posting daily, but regularly. We’ll see. Different medium and different messages (although some cooking will appear, no doubt).

Today’s birthday menu is:

Salmon pâté

Leek and potato soup

Fried whitebait

Steak and kidney pudding

Birthday cake

Here’s your gallery:


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